Certain deals between Iran and China become effective.

The Iranian government announced that some agreements concluded with China have come into force, indicating that the economic effect of these agreements will be manifested in the field of foreign trade.

Government spokesman Ali Bahadri Jahromi said the importance of the Iranian President’s recent visit to China is that it demonstrates Iran’s firm and serious will to strengthen relations with China.

Jahromi noted that the Iranian government’s economic group, which accompanied Raisi during his visit to Beijing, consisting of the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, the Minister of Petroleum, the Minister of Roads and Urban Construction, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Economy and the Governor of the Central Bank, concluded agreements with China in all areas.

In response to a question about the non-disclosure of certain provisions of the agreements concluded by the two countries, the spokesman explained that the reason for this is to prevent economic competitors from familiarizing themselves with the details of the agreements, especially in the field of highly developed technologies. and energy, and said, “There is no reasonable reason to justify disclosing the details of commercial transactions to competitors.”

Jahromi pointed out that Iranian interest requires increased investment in the energy sector, while China is at the forefront of energy consumers, and it may be among the customers of Iranian energy carriers, noting that agreements have been concluded with China in all these areas, some of which have entered into force. gradually, others will take effect, they will be implemented sequentially, and the economic effect of these agreements will manifest itself in the field of foreign trade, and it will be more tangible in the economic investments that will be launched.

Raisi visited Beijing in February last year and confirmed that the two sides have reached executive agreements on strategic cooperation as part of Tehran’s policy of Asian rapprochement and confidence-building with countries in the region.

Source: Faris

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