Legitimate Mandate for Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Providing Support to Resistance

Brigadier General Ali Fadavi, deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, said that Israel “continues its criminal activities” in recent days, and this is not new, and that “supporting the resistance is a legitimate mandate.”

He added that Tel Aviv “doesn’t understand that ten people replace any Palestinian leader who is martyred, whether from the Islamic Jihad movement or from other resistance factions.”

Commenting on developments in Palestine and the reaction of Palestinian resistance groups to Israeli aggression, Brigadier General Fadavi stated that “the crime and aggression are the same as those of the Zionists.”

He indicated that Iran considers it its duty to “support the oppressed Palestinian people.”

According to Brigadier General Fadavi, the Revolutionary Guard considers “the support of the resistance front a legitimate mandate from Palestine to Yemen and to all who stand on the axis of resistance against arrogance.”

Israel began raids in the Gaza Strip from dawn on Tuesday as 20 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombing and others were injured in raids targeting civilian homes and places of resistance in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in the day, sources in the Palestinian resistance confirmed that “the response to Israeli aggression has begun”, adding that it is “the beginning”.

The Palestinian resistance fired rockets from the Gaza Strip, after which sirens sounded again in a number of communities around the Gaza Strip and in the Ashkelon area, while the Israeli army carried out new raids on agricultural land in northern Gaza.

According to Israeli media reports, the Home Front Command asked all settlers within a 40 km radius to enter the fortified areas.

Source: Persia News + agencies

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