Winning the Gold Medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Italian state television Rai reported on Wednesday evening that the home of track and field legend Sarah Simeone, the 1980 Moscow Olympic champion, had been robbed and the high jump star’s gold stolen.

According to media reports, the robbery took place last Saturday when Sara Simone, 70, returned to her home in the town of Rivoli Veronese to find that the thieves had stolen valuables, including the gold medal of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

The theft of this particular medal particularly upset the famous high jumper, who held the national record in the sport for 36 years, until 2007.

“I appeal to the thieves: I ask you to at least return to me the gold medal that I won at the Olympic Games in Moscow,” Sarah Simeone told reporters. “They can’t do anything with it, one way or another.” another to make money from it. To me, it’s precious.”

In this regard, La Gazzetta dello Sport noted that Sara Simone’s victory in Moscow was of great importance for the development of women’s athletics in Italy. It was the second Olympic gold medal won by an Italian athlete after Ondina Valla won the 80m hurdles at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

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