Lawyer for student Regeni’s family: Court of Cassation’s decision is linked to the dignity of Italy

Italian student’s family lawyer Giulio Regheni said the Court of Cassation’s decision in his murder in Egypt in 2016 was due to Italy’s dignity.

This happened during her speech at a sit-in before the Court of Cassation, which today was considering an appeal filed by the prosecutor’s office in Rome on April 11 to archive the case of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, who was kidnapped and killed. , and his body with signs of torture was found on the outskirts of Cairo in early February 2016.

“In this case (the archiving process) there will be no tombstone because we will always be here, but what is being decided today is a decision related to the dignity of Italy,” Ballerini said.

She added: “Today we are waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court, which is called to decide whether there are conditions for moving forward in the absence of defendants who pretend to be ignorant.”

And Ballerini added: “We know they know everything, but they pretend they don’t,” noting that the need to continue this case is not just about Giulio, and you understand how important it is to move forward against the defendants who are pursuing a ruse.

Giulio’s parents, Claudio Regeni and Paula Devendi, were also in attendance at the sit-in, and yellow banners were posted outside the Supreme Court reading “The Truth for Giulio.”

Source: Italian news agency AKI.

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