"When God Meets Opponents"Unexpected decision by Alexandria goalkeeper Ahmed Yahya

Ahmed Yahya, the goalkeeper of Egyptian club Al-Ittihad from Alexandria, has announced his retirement after a vicious attack by his team’s supporters against Ceramics in the Egyptian Premier League, despite the death of his brother.

Ahmed Yahya wrote on his Facebook page: “Thank you Egyptian fans for your support and help. Thank God for all your efforts and God doesn’t show you anything wrong or bad in your dear one, Lord.”

He added: “After yesterday’s events, I have decided to retire from football forever and we belong to God and to Him we will return when God meets rivals.”

The match, which ended in a five-point loss for the Alexandrian team, witnessed a major crisis between the fans of the Alexandrian team and Ahmed Yahya after the fifth goal, when Ahmed Yahya asked to leave the match, crying after being attacked en masse. how the player participated in the match after the death of his older brother.

Ten minutes before the end of the match, Yahya decided to leave the stadium due to swearing at him in the stands, and his voice was heard on television saying that he would no longer play football, while he was crying.

Source: agencies

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