Knesset Passes Bill Allowing Death Penalty for Palestinian Terrorists

The Israeli Knesset approved in preliminary reading a bill requiring the execution of Palestinian prisoners who committed attacks on Israeli targets.

The bill, introduced by MK Limor Son Har Milch of the Otzma Yehudit Party, provides that “the court is obliged to impose the death penalty on anyone who commits the crime of murder, with racist motives and with the intent to harm Israel.” .”

Government Legal Adviser Gali Bharav Maiara expressed her opposition to the death penalty bill and recommended that it be discussed in the Cabinet of Political and Security Affairs (Cabinet), emphasizing that “the death penalty is not a deterrent”.

The Judicial Counsel pointed out that the bill raises great difficulties regarding human rights laws in international law, as this punishment is “the most serious offence”.

Representatives of the Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) have expressed a similar position during discussions of similar bills in the past. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported the bill during the vote.

Source: Shehab News

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