Klopp in a tough spot due to Salah’s actions.

In the match of the 30th round of the English Premier League between Liverpool and Arsenal, there was a very awkward situation for the German coach Jurgen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool.

Diogo Jota, Liverpool striker, converted a penalty in the 30th minute, and the result points to a 2-1 progress for Arsenal.

In particular, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, stepped forward to pay the penalty while Klopp refused to follow the kick and turned his back on the stadium.

And when the Egyptian star converted a penalty in the 54th minute, the German coach celebrated thinking the ball had hit the net but was surprised it was gone as his expression changed.

Arsenal advanced with two unanswered goals, through Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus, before Salah scored a goal to close the gap in Liverpool’s favour.

Salah, 30, is the Premier League’s 21st top scorer this season with 13 goals and 8 assists.

Source: RT

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