Chinese Military Conducts Live Fire Drills Simulating Strikes on Taiwan for Third Consecutive Day

China confirmed that its “live-loaded” aircraft carried out “dummy strikes” near Taiwan on Monday, explaining that the aircraft carrier Shandong also participated in maneuvers near the island.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported today Monday that “several squadrons of H-6K fighters carrying live ammunition … carried out several mock strikes against important targets on the island of Taiwan,” adding that the aircraft carrier Shandong Ya also participated in today’s exercise.

Beijing has indicated that it is conducting military exercises simulating “collar beating” around Taiwan, according to a statement released by the Chinese army.

CCTV reported that dozens of planes were deployed to establish an “air blockade” of the island.

This comes after China announced on Sunday that its forces had carried out “simulated joint precision strikes against key targets on the island and in surrounding waters.”

For its part, Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Monday that it had detected 11 warships and 59 Chinese aircraft in the vicinity of the island, and the Beijing military exercises are now in their third day.

And the Taiwanese defense said the Chinese army “continues to conduct military exercises around Taiwan,” noting that fighter jets and bombers were among the targets monitored at 10:00 local time.

At the same time, the US Navy announced that the destroyer Milios, carrying guided missiles, entered the waters of the South China Sea on Monday, over which Beijing claims sovereignty.

Source: AFP.

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