King Charles III swears before the British Parliament to follow in his mother’s footsteps

King Charles III of Great Britain addressed Parliament for the first time at Westminster Hall.

Charles said that the late Queen Elizabeth II “was a living example to all her contemporaries”, noting that “the British Parliament is the vital instrument of our democracy and our ancient and genuine democratic traditions”.

King Charles remembered the reign of his late mother, remembered the celebration of her silver, gold and platinum jubilees, promising to follow the path of the late queen, to preserve British traditions.

He explained: “Today’s meeting is in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, who from a young age has strived to serve the people and the nation, to preserve the precious democratic principles of constitutional government, etc.,” emphasizing the importance of the role parliament plays in preserving democracy and constitutional values ​​in the country.

During the event, Prime Minister Liz Trouss, as well as MPs and Lords, expressed their condolences and swore allegiance.

It is noteworthy that the farewell ceremony for the late Queen Elizabeth II will be held at Westminster Hall from 14 to 19 September. The palace will be open to the public around the clock, and the closed sarcophagus will be placed on a special platform.

Politico reports that the heads of state, who will attend the September 19 funeral, have been warned that they cannot use their government vehicles and will be taken to the event by bus.

At the same time, the British Foreign Office announced that Westminster Abbey would be very crowded, so only heads of state with wives or partners from each country would be invited.

Source: Izvestia

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