It’s Possible That Apple Will Replace the Switch on the iPhone 15 Pro with a Solid-State Unified Volume Rocker and Mute Button

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max’s design is reportedly getting some tweaks, according to many speculations. The potential that the volume controls on the device’s side will be one unified rocker button is one that has, to this far, yet to be noticed.

It's Possible That Apple Will Replace the Switch on the iPhone 15 Pro with a Solid-State Unified Volume Rocker and Mute Butt on_

The two pins Apple generally employs to secure each button to the chassis were mentioned on Twitter by YouTuber ZoneOfTech. Nevertheless, only two pins are depicted in a single indentation. In contrast, the volume controls typically are in the most recent renderings based on stolen iPhone 15 Pro CAD blueprints. The normal iPhone 15 has two slots and four pins, according to CAD-based renderings.

ZoneOfTech has “100% positive” that the iPhone 15 Pro will have one long unified volume button rather than two separate ones after creating their own iPhone 15 Pro prototype based on the leaked CADs. ZoneOfTech is equally confident that “the mute switch will also switch to a single press button, rather than the up and down switch we currently have.”

According to rumors, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro models would feature solid-state buttons with haptic feedback for the power and volume controls. A single, integrated solid-state volume button that may be touched on both the top (“up”) and bottom (“down”) ends is starting to take shape. A tactile mute button will replace the conventional switch.

Understanding how the new haptic buttons will function in various scenarios is important, especially if they demand direct touch contact. In cases where the iPhone may not function as planned, there will also need to be ways to enable device recovery. On the bright side, since solid-state button technology does not require a depressing physical motor, it can enhance protection against dust and water. But, it does necessitate additional hardware inside the iPhone.

To power the solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro versions, Apple is reported to have added two extra Taptic Engines. (A single Taptic Engine provides the haptic feedback on current iPhone models.) Mechanical buttons are anticipated to remain in the standard iPhone 15 versions.


The first iPhone had a single, externally coordinated volume rocker or a single, lengthy button raised at both ends. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS both had the same button design. Two circular buttons were used in place of the rocker on the iPhone 4 before being replaced by longer, distinct pill-shaped buttons in the iPhone 6. Until the iPhone 14, different versions of the pill shape were employed.

Do you like a certain type of button? Please tell us in the comments. Check out our dedicated roundup with all the rumors for further information on what to anticipate from the iPhone 15 Pro variants.

The iPhone 15 Pro versions will have a single volume rocker and a mute button rather than a mute switch, according to a source cited by 9to5Mac.

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