It’s official.. Al-Ahly reveals its position on participation in Cup and Super competitions

Yesterday, Saturday, Al Ahli Club announced its participation in the Egyptian Cup and Egyptian Super Cup after the Football Association responded to its demands.

Al-Ahly said on his official website: “Today (yesterday) the club received a letter from the Football Association confirming the latter’s response and full interest since taking responsibility for the development of the arbitration system and the promotion of referees to the highest level … and that the Federation recently signed a contract with a foreign expert Mark Clattenburg and was officially appointed to him as the head of the entire arbitration system, starting from 08/10/2022.

He continued: “Regarding what was said in the letter that the club sent to the Football Association a few days ago, which refers to the mistake of the referee in the match between Al Ahli and Farko in the league. The Football Association confirmed in its letter that indeed, this case was referred in full a few days ago to the foreign expert Klatenberg as official. The first concerns the arbitration system.

He continued: “It is necessary to investigate all legal and technical situations and make the necessary corrective decisions, but according to the letter of the federation, in accordance with the organizing regulations, it is not possible to announce any penalties that will be imposed on the judges, in the interest of the stability of the competition and all participants in the football system.

He continued: “In light of the foregoing and the Football Association’s reaction to the election of a new leadership of the referee system and the official handover of the task… and handover of the mouse referee file in the match between Al Ahly and Farko. in the league to investigate to make the necessary corrective decisions… without announcing them in accordance with organizational regulations… and after the presentation The question is entirely up to the club’s board of directors. It was decided that Al-Team Ahly will take part in the Egyptian Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup.”

And the board of directors of the Al Ahly club decided not to participate in the competition organized by the Egyptian Football Association (Egypt Cup – Egypt Super), after the decision to cancel the goal in the Al Ahly match against Farko in the Egyptian league, as The administration of Al-Ahly accused the video referee in the aforementioned match, Mahmoud Ashour, of deliberately canceling the target using video technology.

Al-Ahly demanded the suspension of referee Mahmoud Ashour, an investigation into him and the dismissal of Essam Abdel-Fattah, head of the refereeing committee.

After responding to his demands and withdrawing his withdrawal from the competition organized by the Egyptian Football Association, Al-Ahly will play later today on Sunday with Misr El-Makassa in the round of 16 of the Egyptian Cup and will face his rival Zamalek in the match for Egyptian Super Cup on October 28 at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

Source: Al-Ahli website.

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