turn out "two million" About using mobile internet services in Egypt

The telecommunications sector in Egypt saw strong demand for the use of Internet services via mobile phones during the year.

According to the Al-Watan newspaper, the latest reports released by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology showed that “the number of Internet users through mobile phones has increased significantly over the recent period, and the number of users approached 70 million users at the end of June last year compared to with 60 million and 500 thousand users in the same period in 2021.

The report states that “the share of Internet users via mobile phone has grown by 9.17% per year”, as mobile companies attracted about 9.5 million new users of the service in just one year.

Al-Watan pointed out that the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology plans to build about 2,800 new towers this year to improve mobile services, since 2,300 towers were built in 2021, new frequencies were launched as part of the development and improvement of services. for mobile companies.

Source: “Dom”

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