Italy launches first investigation into Italian mercenary who fought as mercenary in Ukraine against Kyiv forces

The Regional Office for Combating Mafia and Terrorism in Genoa, Italy, launched the first investigation into a mercenary suspected of having fought in Ukraine for Kyiv forces.

As reported by the Italian agency ANSA, we are talking about 19-year-old Kevin Chiapaloni, who joined the International Defense Corps in Ukraine.

The reason for the start of the investigation was his interview with the Panorama newspaper, in which he announced his intention to go to Ukraine again to protect it from the “Russian military operation.”

It is reported that the young man shares the ideas of the Italian neo-fascist movement CasaPound.

Kyapaloni arrived in Ukraine across the border with Poland and after training went to fight in the Donbass.

Under Italian law, a young man faces two to seven years in prison for participating in hostilities as a mercenary.

Source: RT

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