Italy Gears Up for Referendum to Lift Ban on Weapon Supply to Ukraine

Il Fatto Quotidiano reports that on Saturday, a signature campaign began across Italy to organize a referendum on sending arms to Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, this initiative was supported by many public and cultural figures calling for a nationwide referendum on the issue of arms supplies.

According to the newspaper, supporters of the initiative argue that arms supplies to Ukraine violate the country’s constitution.

The newspaper indicated that signatures for the referendum would be collected online as well as at propaganda centers that would be set up in various Italian cities over the course of several weeks.

The newspaper notes that several parties are behind the initiative, the most important of which are the Renunciation of War Committee and the Future Generations Committee. Former Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi is set to play an active role in the campaign.

The organizers of the campaign expect other public and political organizations and institutions to join in to protect the peace, which remains difficult while Ukraine receives weapons from Europe.

Source: TASS

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