Israeli Prison Administration Thwarts Smuggling of Phones to Palestinian Prisoners.

The Israeli Prisons Authority announced that it had “thwarted an operation to smuggle cell phones to Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank.”

A statement from a spokesman for the prison administration today, Monday, said: “The police and the administration of places of detention conducted a special operation to identify ways to smuggle mobile phones into places of detention, in which a smuggling point was discovered where smuggled mobile phones were prepared. and sent.”

The statement added: “Special units of the prison administration have conducted a covert intelligence operation in recent months in connection with several attempts to smuggle mobile phones into various prisons.”

He continued: “In the hours of last night, investigators from the Judea Area Crime Squad, with the participation of special forces affiliated with the Department of Prisons and the Defense Army, raided an apartment in Bethlehem, where they searched and seized dozens of mobile phones and other devices that were planned to be smuggled to jail.”

He confirmed that the suspect had been arrested “and is a relative of a security prisoner held in an institution in the south of the country. He has been handed over to the police for investigation.”

Source: RT

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