Israeli opposition criticizes judicial amendments approved by Knesset

Israeli opposition leaders condemned the government after Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right coalition approved in the first of three readings a landmark bill that has sparked controversy in efforts to reform the judiciary.

Yesh Atid leader, former Prime Minister Yair Lapid said: “Members of the coalition, history will judge you tonight. .”

In turn, the leader of the National Unity Party of Israel, former Defense Minister Benny Gantz commented: “After the adoption of the Law on Judicial Amendments in the first reading, it will be difficult to turn the wheel back.”

As for Justice Minister Yariv Levin, he attacked the opposition by addressing them, saying: “You are the ones who gave part of the land of Israel to Hezbollah, an enemy state”, likening the opposition to the Arab rulers: “We, in the coalition, which has the majority rules, she extended her hands to us for dialogue, and you are like the Arab world.” As it used to be.”

He added: “We also have a majority to pass the law, but we are holding out our hands to you to reach a real agreement, but you are like Arab rulers, not today, but previous ones. At the summit in Khartoum they just said three “Nos” and you remember those “Nos” but now Sudan is back to establishing diplomatic relations with Israel.. and you who are talking to the leaders of terrorist organizations are not ready to sit down for a dialogue with your brothers here , in the same house.

It is noteworthy that in the course of a stormy meeting and verbal skirmishes from the opposition, the Knesset passed in the first reading the law on judicial amendments within the Basic Law by a majority of 63 votes to 47.

Source: RT

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