The Plans For The 2023 Motorsport Games Are Outlined In An Obtained Email

According to CEO Dmitry Kozko, Motorsport Games is proceeding with its 2023 ambitions on schedule.

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Kozko updated staff on the plans for the remainder of the year in a company-wide email that We were able to secure. The company raised almost $11 million in equity capital, released the staff at the “old Russian Studio,” and provided an update on the status of several game releases, including IndyCar, Le Mans, and NASCAR. These and other topics were covered in the email.

Kozko said the choice to raise equity investment and convert 100% of the debt owed to parent firm Motorsport Network into stock had given the business the financial breathing room to concentrate on the three upcoming games.

Regarding the studio, the business is wrapping up the release of every team member who still needs to go to the new facility in Georgia. In addition, it was disclosed that a new Senior Advisor was joining the organization.

Frank Sagnier, a former CEO of Codemasters, joins the organization to “assist in defining the product strategy.”

Kozko assured the business, “Frank [will assist us] to ensure that we are not overextending ourselves and delivering something of quality to the market.” “Frank intends to entice people he closely collaborated with to assist us where necessary,”

Kotzo claims that the executive team is still working on launching all three of the titles above this year.

Speaking about our release timeline, Kozko informed staff, “We are still adjusting our pipeline for 2023. The debut of IndyCar, NASCAR, and Le Mans in 2023 remains the goal.

He went on: “I think everyone is aware of how we intend to introduce IndyCar and Le Mans, but in brief, the Australian studio is in charge of IndyCar development, and the Studio397 team is in charge of Le Man’s development. We are looking into various options for the start of NASCAR 2023. If they are decided upon, we will make additional announcements.”

The NASCAR team’s progress in the game as of this writing is still in the single digits. According to sources, any team assembled to develop the game will be devoid of substance. Furthermore, rather than being the promised brand-new game, the game may be more of an upgrade to a previous game. Sources have suggested updating NASCAR Rivals or reskinning Heat 5 as two choices.

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