Israeli Government Sends Ben Gvir as Representative to Europe Day Despite EU Disapproval

Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir confirmed his intention to attend the “Europe Day” ceremony hosted by the European Union Embassy in Tel Aviv to speak there as a representative of the government.

The minister’s speech will touch on the importance of a “common war on terrorism” as he congratulates European countries, calls for greater cooperation and stresses the need to unite ranks around the fight against jihad and terrorists, his office said in a statement. .

Ben-Gvir also intends to call on states to refrain from funding any projects against IDF soldiers and residents of Israel.

The embassy of the European Union, as well as the ambassadors of the member states of the European Union, were surprised by the election of Ben Gvir as the representative of the Israeli government, and they refrain from meeting him due to his extremist racist stances and his actions as a minister.

The Embassy of the European Union in Israel indicated in a letter to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs the union’s demand that Ben Gvir not be delegated as the representative of the Israeli government at the “Europe Day” reception to be organized the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, in Tel Aviv.

“We do not support the political views of Minister Ben Gvir or his party. In fact, many of his previous statements and opinions are contrary to the values ​​that the European Union represents,” the European Union embassy said in a statement released by Yedioth Ahronoth. .

For his part, Ben Gvir, commenting on calls condemning his participation in Europe Day because of his extremist positions, proclaimed both in his party program and in his press statements, said that “even if the representatives of the Union do not support his views expressed in their declaration, they are well aware that Israel is a democratic state.” In democracies, it is permissible to hear different opinions.”

The government led by Benjamin Netanyahu, specifically the government secretariat that appoints ministers at national holiday receptions for foreign embassies, has appointed Ben Gvir as the government’s spokesman for Europe Day.

Ministerial orders were said to be running weeks before the date of the event, and this was also the case with Ben Gvir, who approved this, making it impossible for him to be replaced unless he agreed to it.

In addition, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen will not be able to attend the ceremony as he will be visiting India on the same day.

Source: Israeli and Palestinian media.

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