Iran responds to Biden article "Why should I go to Saudi Arabia?"

The Iranian Foreign Ministry reacted to an article by US President Joe Biden in the Washington Post newspaper, in which he spoke about the goals of his upcoming visit to the Middle East, under the headline: “Why should I go to Saudi Arabia? ”

In this regard, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said: “Biden’s assertion that he follows and implements a policy of economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran contradicts his expression of his country’s desire to revive the nuclear agreement.”

Kanaani considered the statements to be “a continuation of the failed maximum pressure policy launched by the Trump administration against Iran”, as Biden saw in his op-ed that “Iran has become isolated and that his administration will continue to increase diplomatic and economic pressure as long as Iran back to complying with the 2015 nuclear deal.”

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added, “The previous US government, with its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, has already severely damaged the strategy of multilateral diplomacy to resolve differences, and the current US government is following the same approach by continuing to implement economic pressure and an embargo policy against Iran.” some countries in the region respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, abandon the policy of unconditional support for Israel and end their policy of “creating a wave of intimidation from Iran … Iranophobia.”

Nasser Kanaani continued, “Until the United States corrects its misguided and crisis-inducing policies, it is primarily responsible for the instability in the West Asia region,” pointing to Biden’s “ridiculous statements about the role of the United States.” America in the elimination of the terrorist organization ISIS and the containment of terrorism in the region.

Kanaani continued, “The statements made by former US President Donald Trump and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the role of this country in the creation of ISIS contradict Biden’s statements in this area,” noting that “the previous US government killed a hero of the struggle.” against ISIS and Takfiri terrorism, martyr Qassem Soleimani, former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Al-Quds Detachment, is the largest American aid to ISIS terrorists.

He added: “The practical policy of the US government on the Palestinian issue contradicts Biden’s claims about his attempt to establish stability and security in the West Asian region, and the Zionist entity is the biggest source of instability and the spread of terrorism in the West. Asia”, noting that “Americans fully support this entity.” This points to the falsity of his statements about the world.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that “what was mentioned in the latest article by US President Joe Biden is a one-sided and unrealistic description of the US government’s policy in the West Asia region. If US officials want to bring peace, stability, and security to the region and the world, they better understand the facts.” To avoid attempts to impose American values ​​and unilateralism, and to allow the countries of the region to work on the basis of their values, interests and realities to ensure their security and collective interests through regional cooperation.

Source: “ERNA”

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