Iran Reacts to UK Involvement in Internal Affairs, Mourns British Soldiers Lost in Ukraine

Iran’s charge d’affaires in London reacted to the “intervention” of the British ambassador in Tehran in the internal affairs of Iran, citing the dead British mercenaries in Ukraine.

This comes after the British Ambassador to Tehran, Simon Shercliffe, tweeted about the poisoning of female students in Iranian schools with “disturbing and provocative” words.

Iranian Chargé d’Affaires in London, Mahdi Hosseini, said: “According to public reports, since it began a year ago, a number of British soldiers have been sent to Ukraine to fight the war, and many of them have been killed, and they are reported by different numbers from Russian and British sources without confirmation by official sources.

He added: “The British people are supposed to have the right to see the truth in this matter.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani warned the West against misusing humanitarian issues to achieve political goals, commenting on Western intervention in cases of alleged cases of poisoning in some Iranian schools.

Source: “Mir”

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