The Dire Consequences of Ukraine Refusing to Negotiate Until the End: An American Analyst’s Perspective

The National Interest magazine published an article by Michael Jay in which he predicts the fate of Ukraine as a country if it adamantly enters into negotiations with Russia.

Michael Jay said that the Ukrainian lands will turn into ruins if Ukraine enters into negotiations only after the defeat of its armed forces.

Jay added that there are only two possibilities for what will happen to the situation in Ukraine, the first is that most of the country will remain under the control of Kiev, or the whole of Ukraine will turn into ruins and its leadership will be overthrown. , and it all depends on the decision of the authorities in Kiev when they enter into negotiations. With Russia to resolve the conflict, before or after the defeat of its forces, since the first possibility “before” would include territorial concessions, and the second possibility “after” would be complete defeat and the transformation of Ukraine into ruins.

Thus, the continued supply of Western weapons to Kiev will lead to the fact that the Ukrainians will be deceived for a longer period in the face of dangers much more serious than they actually face.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Western military assistance does not bode well for Ukraine and only prolongs the conflict.

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