International Monetary Fund: Avoiding a recession in the US is becoming increasingly difficult

The International Monetary Fund stressed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid a recession in the United States, warning that the wrong choice of measures in the light of high inflation will negatively affect the economy of the country and the world as a whole.

The comments follow the report of the International Monetary Fund, which was published on Tuesday following the results of the traditional annual review of the US economy based on Article 4 of the organization’s charter.

“The members of the executive board recognized that the stakes are high when looking for inflation measures and that choosing the wrong policy decisions in one direction or another will lead to serious consequences for the country and a negative impact on the global economy,” the IMF experts note in their report.

And the experts came to the conclusion that “avoiding a recession in the United States is becoming increasingly difficult.” According to them, there are a number of factors that “create additional problems.” Among those factors, according to the report, are “the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and supply constraints,” as well as conditions allegedly related to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Source: TASS

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