"Independent": Ukrainian military about service on the Eastern Front "in hell"

An article in the British newspaper The Independent states that Ukrainian soldiers call service on the Eastern Front “hell”.

The newspaper quoted Oleksiy, a soldier in the Ukrainian forces, as saying: “On TV they show beautiful shots of the front and solidarity in the army, but in life everything is different.”

He added: “At certain points, the continuous shelling did not allow the soldiers to even stand in the trenches.”

He continued: “There is a shortage of ammunition in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, as well as desertion and psychological problems.”

In turn, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces, informed President Vladimir Putin about the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the two weeks during the operation to liberate Lischansk.

He pointed out that “total losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian troops amounted to 5469 people.”

In turn, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that “the servicemen of the battalion of Ukrainian conscripts in Lviv refused to leave for a combat mission in the Donbass.”

Source: RT+ “Independent”

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