Inbound Closer, Financial Freedom? Or one more Scam?

In the last few weeks, thousands of individuals received a marketing email in Inbound Closer, offering an “opportunity” like no other. At first glance, you will find the company making endless promises. I think everyone is tempted by the promise of an opportunity to dump your old job and get started on a new chapter of your life. Imagine someone dangling financial freedom in front of your face. What are the chances of you taking it on?

What is Inbound Closer?

A program designed to teach you the basic concepts regarding affiliate marketing: offered to you by Traffic and Funnels, but voiced over by Payton Welch. Claiming to teach you high-income skills that will replace your full-time job and offer you more money in the process. Teaching you a closing skill that ensures every call you end leads to a profit.

How Does Inbound Closer Work?

The main page of Inbound offers you free videos to watch. After this video, you must pay the platform to become a member of the inner circle.

Charging you a one-time $97 fee that apparently comes with a money-back guarantee. You can choose to cancel your subscription by sending in an email at [email protected]. However, it is not specified how long a refund will take to process or anything else regarding a refund.

Membership Perks

Recording and breakdowns

Your calls will be monitored and recorded. Then the recordings will be sent back to you along with notes. Showing you where you lost your edge and when/why did the receiver lose interest.

Closing System

You get complete access to the closing system. This telemarketing system is inspired by the 3180 phone calls that led to him making $42 million.

Securing Client

The course takes you through the process of securing a client in your first week. Offering you information and inspiration to secure your first paycheck.

Taylors Network

Getting in the loop with Taylors network allows you to access his clients, some of which are looking for services.

Mastermind Group

You get uncensored access to Inbounds mastermind group sharing ideas on how you can rank up more deals, discussing tips and tricks, and so much more.

Concerns About Inbound Closer


During the YouTube ad, you could clearly tell that Payton Welch was reading from a green screen or some showcased script in front of him. Apart from the reading, the entire scene looked scripted and felt wrong. In general, the behavior did not line up and was even shady at some point.


Another factor to notice was that Payton Tylor and business partner Chris Evans were missing from the picture. These two have been front and center in every sector and have been a significant source of marketing. The ones that actually sold the product before Payton somehow took over. Yes, the video did explain how Payton is hired to sell the products. However, even the emails have started to change.

Advertisement Approval

When it comes to ad approval, Google has strict policies on advertising practices. Many have been disapproved or banned for promising less than Payton. The entire thing is so hyped, to the point of not making sense.

Facts & Figures

Just in three weeks, the statistics claim that more than 1,621 people quit their jobs. Which would be believable if there were any facts or figures listed. You cannot go around claiming things without attaching some proof.

Realistic Approach

Inbound Closer states that you can expect a 40% commission, while this may be tempting – it’s frankly impossible. Think about it for a second, even if you somehow magically close every single call you make, you will only be at 30%. Looking at it realistically, you will only come up with a 12% to 15% closing rate – that is, if you have a natural talent.

Back Home

In the end, Payton brings it back home by sharing how his brother Taylor saved him from his dead-end job and taught him the skills required to make money as a closer. Which makes it seems like it may be Taylors program, with or without Chris Evans.

Missing Information

Any information given during the advertisement does not hold true to any fact or even make sense. There is no such thing as easy money, everything you do requires skill and unbelievable dedication.

Conclusion on Inbound Closer

Inbound is offering you a dream that many might think is too good to be true. To ensure you do not waste your time and money, we suggest you take out the time to read and understand their engagement terms. This way, you will avoid any disappointment later, as you will know exactly what to expect.

On the contrary, the numbers offered do not match any logical calculation, which is why we urge you to run your own numbers. Knowing how much you will need to secure to actually make high-stake profits puts things into perspective.

Note that average individuals who purchase the program get little to no results, meaning you will have to be exceptional at what you do. Which is a 1 in 10 perfect chance, as some of us are born with some skills while others have to work and achieve the same skill.

In a nutshell, Inbound Closer makes claims that feel unreal and distorted. This is why you should be extra careful when looking to make a drastic change in their career. Maybe try making a few calls on your own before deciding to quit your job and pay an additional fee from a program that may not work for you in the long run.

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