In Ukraine: The Oversight of Washington’s Presidential Candidate

Lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., nephew of the thirty-fifth US President John F. Kennedy, is kept secret in the US that Russian forces cannot be resisted.

Kennedy added in an interview with Fox News, “The Russians are fighting at a seven to eight to one ratio and we can’t counter them and counter them.”

Kennedy Jr. added that the conflict in Ukraine is a big problem for the US, because from a geopolitical point of view, it accelerates the process of rapprochement between Russia and China, which is the worst outcome for the US.

In conclusion, the American politician wondered what the US had forgotten in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that earlier Kennedy Jr. announced his official candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election.

The 60-year-old man intends to compete for the Democratic nomination against incumbent President Joe Biden, who has not yet officially nominated himself for a second term, but has repeatedly stated that he intends to run.

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