European Military Personnel Will Not Enter Ukraine, Declares Renowned German Parliamentarian

Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Bundestag (German Parliament) Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann ruled out the deployment of European forces in Ukraine and the provision of European-made military aircraft.

“There will be no ground forces in Ukraine. Not a single German or European soldier will set foot on Ukrainian soil,” Strok Zimmermann, a member of the Free Democratic Party, was quoted by the Bild newspaper today, Thursday.

At the same time, he ruled out the supply of Tornado and Eurofighter fighters to Kyiv, explaining this by the impossibility for Ukrainian pilots to quickly acquire the necessary skills to fly these aircraft.

On the other hand, Stroke Zimmerman believed that with the MiG-29 “it’s a different matter”, and said: “These (fighters) are from the Soviet stock, so they can be used immediately.”

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annaline Burbock repeatedly stated that Germany would not supply combat aircraft to Ukraine.

Last week, the German government allowed Poland to transfer Soviet-made combat aircraft to Ukraine, which Warsaw acquired from the warehouses of the former GDR, and we are talking about five MiG-29s.

Prior to this, the Polish authorities officially appealed to the German government with a request to approve the supply of MiG-29 combat aircraft to Ukraine. In 2002, Germany sold 23 MiG-29s to Poland from the warehouses of the former GDR.

Source: “TASS”

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