Immortals Of Aveum Update #3: Performance Fixes and Visual Enhancements for PS5 and Consoles

Immortals Of Aveum – Update #3

Immortals Of Aveum is Ascendant Studio’s debut title, created by developers with a strong background in first-person shooters. In this game, they have traded guns for magic hands, and the result is impressive.

As one of the first games on PS5 to utilize most of Unreal Engine 5’s features, Immortals Of Aveum had a successful launch, although it was not without its issues.

Fortunately, Ascendant has released a new update that specifically addresses performance issues on PS5 and other consoles, as well as enhances the game’s visual fidelity.

With this patch, not only will Immortals run smoother on your console, but it will also look better than before. It’s a win-win situation.

Check out the full patch notes for this update below:

Immortals Of Aveum Update #3 Patch Notes

Key Fixes

  • Addressed DLSS compatibility issue causing blurriness for some users on PC
  • Addressed DLSS ghosting that was caused when Frame Generation is on
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS settings would not apply properly on game launch for PC
  • Improved Upscaling for better image fidelity on consoles
  • Addressed an issue with Dynamic Shader Branching, improving performance on console and PC
  • Various Memory optimizations on console and PC


  • Fixed minor bugs and progression issues
  • Minor visual improvements and fixes throughout the game

Source: Ascendant Studios

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