Human rights group: Israel registers property in East Jerusalem in the names of settlers

Israeli human rights organization Bimkom reported today, Monday, that Israeli authorities have registered real estate in East Jerusalem in the names of Jewish settlers.

The non-governmental organization Development Rights Planners – Bimcom said in a report that the registration took place under the “Settlement Law” and without the knowledge of Palestinian residents, noting that land settlement procedures took place in some areas of East Jerusalem, including the Umm- Haroun, Sheikh Jarrah area, where about 45 Palestinian families live in about 40 buildings.

She added: “Procedures for settling the land were completed without the knowledge of the residents, and the rights were registered in the Land Registry in the names of Jews who owned the land before 1948,” noting that “the Israeli government has pushed in recent years for the settlement of land in East Jerusalem, a measure threatening the Palestinians.”

In this regard, she pointed out that “the Israeli Ministry of Justice recently published an announcement to start construction of a large land settlement in the Palestinian area of ​​Al-Tauri (Abu Tur) and in the area south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. it was proposed to carry out land settlement on French Hill, in the area where it is planned to establish a new settlement called (Givat Hashkid) in it, and in the area intended for the expansion of the settlement of Ramot, which has already been established (to the west).

The settlers claim that prior to 1948 they owned the land on which the Palestinian houses were built, which is denied by the Palestinian residents.

Palestinian families in the Umm Haroun area of ​​Sheikh Jarr are facing the threat of being evicted from their homes where they have lived for decades.

There are 375,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem and they make up 39% of the population in the eastern and western parts of the city.

Palestinians live on 13% of East Jerusalem’s land after Israel confiscated 35% of it in the “public interest” and converted it for settlement purposes, while 52% was classified as no-building green space or for street construction.

Source: RT

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