Czech Republic reports its gas reserves hit record high

Czech Prime Minister Peter Viala said on Monday that gas storage facilities in the republic are 80% full, explaining that this is a record amount of gas reserves in the country.

“Gas storage facilities are 80% full. We are at a record level. We are trying to prepare for the winter as much as possible,” the Czech Prime Minister wrote on his Twitter page.

On this occasion, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic, Josef Sekila, wrote: “We are going to Brussels, where an extraordinary session of the EU energy industry will take place … This year we have introduced a rule according to which gas cylinders in the EU countries must be filled by 80%. At least for winter. In the Czech Republic, we crossed this line today, we have 2.687 million cubic meters of gas.

According to the Czech News Agency, the average annual gas consumption in the Czech Republic is about 9.4 billion cubic meters. According to Sekila, the country imports about 98% of the gas it consumes from Russia. According to the agency, the Czech Republic plans to use gas from an LNG terminal in the Netherlands to reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies.

On July 26, the EU will hold an extraordinary meeting of the bloc’s Council of Energy Ministers. The meeting is scheduled to discuss the preparation of the EU for winter in the energy sector. Peter Fiala has previously stated that the main task of his country, as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is to ensure the unity of society against the background of the challenges that have arisen in the light of the conflict in Ukraine.

Source: TASS

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