HTML Headings: Quality of Life Changes, Save Game with Cheats, Better Clothing Support, Adjusted Difficulty, New DLC Content, Enhanced Visuals, Combat Fixes, Fine Aim Bug, Minigunner Fix, Camera Adjustment, Various Other Fixes, General Fixes, Localization and Text Issues, Co-op Desync Fix, HDR Settings Placement, Various Gameplay Fixes, Achievement Fixes, Challenge Fixes, Perk Fixes, Customization Fixes, Vehicle Fixes, Various Other Fixes – An Update Overview

HTML Headings:

Quality of Life Changes

Here are some of the quality of life improvements and bug fixes in the update:

Save Game with Cheats

Now you can save your game when using cheats.

Better Clothing Support

You can now layer necklaces, wrist items, and jackets that were not possible before.

Adjusted Difficulty

The difficulty of late game encounters on “Boss” difficulty has been adjusted to scale better.

New DLC Content

New vehicles, emotes, and clothing items from the A Song of Ice and Dust DLC have been added.

Enhanced Visuals

Improved visuals when the player’s character is wet.

Combat Fixes

Here are the fixes related to combat:

Fine Aim Bug

A bug with fine aim not snapping to the target has been eliminated.

Minigunner Fix

The Minigunner will no longer be invulnerable and run around aimlessly after being knocked back by the Pain & Gain.

Camera Adjustment

The camera has been adjusted when firing rifles in fine aim.

Various Other Fixes

Multiple fixes related to combat, including NPC behavior and weapon functionality.

General Fixes

Here are some general fixes and improvements in the update:

Localization and Text Issues

Various localization and text issues throughout the game have been addressed.

Co-op Desync Fix

Changes have been made to help remove desync while playing in co-op.

HDR Settings Placement

The placement of HDR settings in the menu has been fixed.

Various Gameplay Fixes

Fixes related to weather states, NPCs, vehicles, and various gameplay aspects.

Achievement Fixes

Several achievements, including Wing It, Untouchable, A Young Empire, and Jack of All Trades, have been fixed and now unlock properly.

Challenge Fixes

Various challenges, such as Terminal Velocity, Sideswipe, Desert Daredevil, Chalupacabra challenge pack, Bright Future Challenges, and more, have been properly updated in co-op.

Perk Fixes

Fixes related to perks, including perk progression and functionality.

Customization Fixes

Fixes related to clothing customization, including clipping issues and missing parts.

Vehicle Fixes

Fixes related to vehicles, including camera placement, ejection issues, and vehicle health bars.

Various Other Fixes

Multiple other fixes and improvements, such as player functionality, HUD, menu issues, and more.

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