Apple in Negotiations with Pac-12 for Exclusive College Football Streaming Rights: What You Need to Know

Apple in Talks to Acquire Rights to College Football Games

Apple is now working on a deal to acquire the rights to college football games, and it has already made a bid proposal to the Pac-12 conference. According to ESPN, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff met with conference executives on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of entering into a streaming agreement with Apple that would depend on membership fees.

New Opportunity for Apple

After the conclusion of the current academic year, the broadcast contract for the Pac-12 will come to an end, providing Apple with an opportunity to negotiate a new arrangement. The streaming contract with Apple is currently the “likely leader,” although no agreement has been finalized as of yet.

Short-Term Contract

A transaction with Apple would last for a limited time in the 2024-2025 season. The terms would be comparable to those of Apple’s relationship with Major League Soccer (MLS), in which Apple offered a subscription service on its own and, in exchange, received exclusive streaming rights.

Gradual Improvement

Sources claim that the first year of what is anticipated to be a relatively short-term contract with Apple will begin in 2024–2025 and will begin at a relatively low level compared to the league’s expectations. However, according to sources, the agreement will gradually improve over time. It might become competitive with its counterparts in the Big 12 and ACC in the future, providing that certain subscription numbers are achieved.

Concerns of Pac-12 Members

The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of California Berkeley, University of Oregon, Stanford University, Oregon State University, University of Utah, University of Washington, and Washington State University are all members of the Pac-12, in addition to a few more universities that are affiliates of the conference. The members of the Pac-12 are concerned that their viewership would decrease if the league moves away from the traditional broadcast paradigm and toward streaming content.

Financial Considerations

The institutions in the Pac-12 need to make money and increase their exposure for the partnership to be successful. The Big 12 Conference just signed deals with ESPN and Fox that will result in clubs earning an average of $31.7 million yearly; therefore, Apple would need to come close to matching those earnings.

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