Historic low unemployment rates achieved in Russia

Russia’s unemployment rate reached 3.5% in March last year, a historic low recorded by the index in February last year, according to data released yesterday by the Russian statistical agency Rosstat.

The total number of unemployed in Russia in March 2023 reached 2.609 million people, which is 26 thousand less than in February 2023.

The previous historical level was recorded in January of this year, when the figure reached 3.6%.

And before that, the unemployment rate was in the period from November to December 2022 at the level of 3.7%, and in the period from September to October last year, the figure was at the level of 3.9%, and in August 2022 by 3.8%.

Between May and July last year, the unemployment index was 3.9%, in April 2022 – 4%, in March and February 2022 – 4.1%, and in January 2022 the figure reached 4.4%.

Source: Interfax

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