Hersh told RT about the motives for the explosion of pipelines by Washington "Nord Stream"

American journalist Seymour Hersh confirmed to RT that the Biden administration justified the bombing of Nord Stream by the need to force Europe to continue to support NATO and prevent countries like Germany from opening Nord Stream 2 as winter approaches.

An American journalist said in an interview with RT: “He (Biden) did this in order to prevent Germany and Western Europe from operating the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with the onset of the coming winter quickly, as the German authorities imposed. Sanctions to stop the pipeline, but she must open a new line.”

He pointed out that the purpose of the mission is for the United States to ensure that Europe does not stop supporting NATO and supplying weapons in “a war against Russia, which is certainly a proxy war.”

It is noteworthy that in early February, Hirsch published a journalistic investigation about the explosions that thundered on the Nord Stream.

U.S. divers planted explosives under gas pipelines last summer during Baltops 2022, Hirsch said. Pointing out that Biden decided to carry out a sabotage operation after more than 9 months of secret negotiations with his national security team.

Source: RT

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