Nebenzya: Europe has turned into a clay giant after the rejection of Russian energy

Russia’s representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, confirmed that Europe has become a giant on two feet of clay after cutting off Russian energy supplies and spending 710 billion euros to compensate for the price difference within a year.

Nebenzia noted that the European Union was seen as an economic rather than a political bloc, and “the economy was Europe’s strength and attraction.”

“After a year of disruption of cooperation relations with Russia, production growth in Europe has stalled,” he said.

He stated that 710 billion euros were spent to support the European economy in 2022, energy alone.

He emphasized that European liberal market economies today live off state subsidies, “but the prosperity and economic strength of Europe depended mainly on Russian sources of energy, and once these sources were abandoned, Europe became an economic giant on two clay legs.”

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