German Siemens: We are working on restarting gas turbines "Nord Stream 1" as soon as possible

The German company Siemens announced that Canada’s decision to allow the refurbished turbine to be shipped from its facility to Germany is “a necessary first step towards its return to the Russian pipeline for operation.”

Siemens said in a statement that it is “committed to shipping the turbine as soon as possible,” noting: “Our team is currently actively working on all additional approvals and logistics.”

She stressed that “the solution includes the legally required export and import control procedures and that the goal is to move the turbine to its place of operation as soon as possible.”

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz thanked the Canadian government for the decision to supply the turbine to bring it back to the Nord Stream 1 branch, where it will support the flow of gas to Europe.

Source: “Sputnik”

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