German Minister: There is no need to be proud of the supply of weapons to Ukraine

German Economy Minister Robert Habek stressed that Berlin considers it necessary to support Ukraine with weapons, and, despite this, urged not to be proud of these deliveries.

During a meeting with locals in Bayreuth, Gabek said supporting Ukraine with weapons was “an important decision” but “we cannot know or say whether it was a morally good decision.”

He explained that any weapon leads to casualties, and that “no one should be proud of it.”

He noted that he considers arms deliveries to be a “morally ambivalent thing”, but emphasized that he considers the Russian military operation in Ukraine a “violation of international law”, adding that Germany cannot stand “doing nothing” under these conditions. “

Germany has published a list of weapons that it has provided or is about to provide to Ukraine. This list includes automatic howitzers, anti-aircraft systems, rocket launchers and other weapons and military equipment.

Source: TASS

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