French Support Stricter Immigration Policies Following Paris Riots

Opinion poll results show that about 60% of French people support tightening immigration policy, as they believe that it was immigration that provoked the recent unrest in the country.

The Le Figaro newspaper published the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the Odox Research Institute and Backbone Consulting. She wrote: “The French say they expect tougher decisions from the government, especially on immigration. 59% of French demand a tougher bill (on immigration) to be considered next fall.”

According to the results of the poll, 14% of participants said they support the riots that have swept the country, and 84% said they disagree with them. Also 2% refrained from answering this question. The recent riots caused anger in 84% of those polled, fear in 66% and anxiety for the future of France in 89%.

At the same time, the majority of the French confirmed that they support the work of law enforcement agencies (64%), but the number of those who support the government’s policy among them does not exceed 27%.

Despite French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin’s claim that the issue is not related to immigrants and that 90% of the protesters were French, 71% of those polled take the opposite position and support the idea of ​​limiting immigration. flowing.

The majority of French people declared their support for two bills proposed by right-wing forces with the aim of tougher penalties for crimes against minors (78%) and financial penalties for parents of juvenile delinquents (77%).

On June 27, French police killed a 17-year-old teenager during a road check in the city of Nanterre for refusing to comply with their demands. After this incident, riots took place in French cities within a week. The Interior Ministry said that the youths set fire to more than 12,000 cars across the country, as well as about 500 council houses, police stations and other government buildings. More than 4,000 people have been detained, most of them minors. More than a thousand shops, about 370 bank branches, 200 grocery stores and 436 tobacco shops were looted during the riots, according to the French Economy Ministry.

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