France: Teacher threatened with death after she asked student to remove headscarf at school

A French language teacher received death threats and was accused of racism after she asked a Muslim student to remove her headscarf, as required by French law, before taking a high school exam in Paris.

A teacher was attacked on social media after an altercation with a school student who allegedly refused to remove her veil to take her bachelor’s degree exam at Charlemagne High School in the capital.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said it was investigating allegations of death threats against a teacher.

The newspaper Le Figaro reported that the student was asked to remove the veil so that her face matched the photo on the ID, but she insisted on wearing it “despite the fact that education officials present on the spot reminded her of the hijab ban” .

Reports said that the student eventually gave in and took off her veil, but after a verbal altercation with the teacher, she found her way to social media, which was provoked by all sorts of insults to the teacher and went as far as threatening her. with death.

Notably, in 2004, France banned by law the wearing of “clear religious symbols” in schools, including the Islamic headscarf, in schools.

Source: Radio Monte Carlo

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