"Washington Post": US with one decision can betray Europe and help Russia

The Washington Post reported that the US, which is working to contain rising fuel prices, could hurt the EU and help Russia after the EU imposed a near total ban on Russian oil purchases.

Writer Josh Rogen, in his column for the American newspaper The Washington Post, stated that “imposing a ban on oil exports from the United States would be a betrayal of European allies.”

According to the author, the administration of US President Joe Biden is concerned about the sharp rise in gasoline prices, and as one of the possible measures to reduce fuel prices in the US, the administration is considering a ban or restriction on oil exports. .

Rogen believes that such a move would reduce the supply of oil on world markets and put the European Union, which had previously introduced an almost complete ban on the purchase of Russian oil, in a very difficult position.

Rogen indicated that such a move would be in Russia’s interest and said, “If the United States cuts supplies, the price of crude oil will rise and that will be a financial boon for Russia.”

After Russia announced a special military operation in Ukraine, the West, including the European Union, announced the introduction of several packages of sanctions against Russia, and the Union almost completely banned the purchase of Russian oil as part of the sixth package of sanctions.

Source: RIA Novosti

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