Former US President Donald Trump Criticizes Rivals, Especially Ron DeSantis, for 2024 Republican Nomination

Former US President Donald Trump Criticizes Rivals for 2024 Republican Nomination

Former US President Donald Trump criticized his rivals for the 2024 Republican nomination, especially Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump Claims Credit for Bringing Red Back to Florida

Trump told a supportive audience Friday in Anaheim during the California Republican Party convention: “I’m the one who brought red (the Republican color) back to Florida, not him,” referring to DeSantis. Recalling the support he gave him in 2018 in his campaign to become governor of Florida, Trump said: “Without me, he would be dead.”

Trump Calls Chris Christie a “Loser”

Trump also called Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, a “loser.”

Trump Leads in Republican Primary

According to a recent NBC News poll, Trump has an overwhelming lead in the Republican primary with 59% of voting intentions compared to 16% for DeSantis, his closest rival.

Trump Promises Comprehensive Justice Department Reform

He promised that if returned to power, he would order comprehensive reform of the Justice Department to “investigate every extremist prosecutor in America.”

Trump’s Immigration and Border Control Plans

The former president also spoke about immigration, saying he wants to “close the border” with Mexico and “begin the largest deportation operation in the history of the country.”

Trump Addresses California Issues

He made sure to touch on issues plaguing the state of California, from the drought-related water wars to addressing homelessness and restarting oil production that had been shut down due to the priority given to renewable energy.

Trump Absent from Second Republican Debate

The former president did not attend the second Republican debate in California on Wednesday, preferring to campaign among auto workers in northeastern Michigan.

Source: AFP

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