Issue with EA Sports FC 24: Ada Hegerberg Insulted Following Bug in Ultimate Team Mode – A Controversial Start for the Highly-Anticipated Game

Issue with EA Sports FC 24: Ada Hegerberg Insulted Following Bug in Ultimate Team Mode

The highly-anticipated EA Sports FC 24 has only been available worldwide for a few hours, but it has already sparked controversy. Unfortunately, some fans have resorted to repeatedly and brutally insulting Ada Hegerberg, a soccer player who encountered a serious bug in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

Introduction to EA Sports FC 24

For those who are not aware, Electronic Arts introduced mixed teams in Ultimate Team mode as an innovation in the new chapter of the video game series. This allows players to create composite teams featuring both male and female football players.

The Bug with Ada Hegerberg

According to a report by VGC, a specific bug related to Ada Hegerberg, the Norwegian striker for Lyon women’s team, has been identified in EA Sports FC 24. This bug causes Hegerberg to lose the ball immediately when players hold down the L2 or LT button to control her. Essentially, she forgets about the ball when users decide to run, giving the opposing players an easy opportunity to retrieve it.

This technical issue appears to be isolated to Hegerberg alone, but unfortunately, a significant number of fans have resorted to sending insults and derogatory remarks to the footballer through her social profiles. These insults are unjustified as the player is not to blame for this problem, and it is necessary for the developers to address the issue promptly.

EA Sports’ Response and Solution

Recognizing the seriousness of the bug and the unwarranted insults towards Hegerberg, Electronic Arts immediately announced that they are working on a solution. They have also apologized to the fans and promised that a fix will be released within the next few hours.

About EA Sports FC 24

It is important to note that EA Sports FC 24 is available for free to those who purchase the Xbox Series.

Twitter Reactions

Some Twitter users have expressed their frustration with the bug in EA Sports FC 24 and its impact on Ada Hegerberg:

These Twitter reactions highlight the frustration experienced by players and fans regarding the bug in EA Sports FC 24.

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