For the first time in a quarter of a century, Federer and Williams were not included in the world rankings

Roger Federer of Switzerland and Serena Williams of the United States dropped out of the world rankings of professional and professional tennis players respectively, losing all their points on Monday.

Federer, absent from Wimbledon last year, reached the quarter-finals with a knee injury, making his first classification in 1997, and so did Williams, who won 23 Grand Slam titles.

The return of 40-year-old Williams to the courts after a year-long absence also did not result in her early exit in the first round on Wimbledon grass against little-known Frenchwoman Armoni Tan.

As for Federer, who has 20 major titles to his credit, he is expected to return to action in September when he takes part in the Laver Cup.

And Federer, 40, said during his participation in Wimbledon’s 100th anniversary celebrations on July 3 that he “didn’t expect it (his injury) to take so long to come back to the courts,” expressing his hope for Wimbledon participation. once “new”.

Source: agencies

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