First-of-its-Kind Precedent: Delegation of American Jewish Community Leaders Visits Saudi Arabia (photo)

A delegation of leaders from the American Jewish community traveled to Saudi Arabia to discuss cooperation with Islamic organizations, the first of its kind.

And the Israel in Arabic page said in a tweet on Twitter on Sunday: “For the first time, a delegation of leaders from the American Jewish community traveled to Saudi Arabia for dialogue about monotheistic religions and the possibility of cooperation between Islamic and Jewish organizations.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry website added that the mission met with a number of Saudi Arabian officials.

She stated that they had met with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir and head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Sheikh Muhammad al-Issa.

“Israel in Arabic” indicates that what surprised the mission most was the ability to freely follow the news on Israeli websites.

On the other hand, the site “Josh Insider”: “Amid radical changes in Israeli-Arab relations, a group of 13 American Jewish leaders made a trip to Saudi Arabia last week to learn about Islam and Saudi knowledge of Judaism, a first trip of its kind for Union leaders and clerics. to the Kingdom.”

He added that the four-day trip, ending on June 16, will come weeks before President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, where he is expected to push for relations between the two countries in a bid to increase the number of Arab countries that have normalized ties. with Israel during the last two years as a result of Abraham’s agreements.

The site stressed that the discussion moved away from the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia and US politics and instead focused on interfaith dialogue.

Source: RT + site “Josh Insider”

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