Financial Times: The West will not be able to isolate Russia from the world

The American magazine Financial Times reported that the West failed to isolate Russia from the whole world, emphasizing that it is unpleasant for Washington to deceive itself by talking about global unity in the person of Moscow.

According to the article’s author, Edward Luce, “this assumption is incorrect.” According to him, many countries have not joined the US alliance against Russia.

The agency quotes Novosti: “The West is not the whole world. It’s amazing that such simple facts are becoming clear. Most non-Western countries yearn for strategic autonomy.”

In addition, other countries of the world are alarmed that Washington and Brussels are calling the Russian special operation an existential challenge.

Speaking about the geopolitical obstacles to breaking ties with Russia, Luce noted that China and India are creating alternative payment systems and ways to transport Russian goods in order to neutralize restrictive measures.

The journalist noted that at the same time they do not allow Moscow to withdraw from the system of multipolar international relations.

And in May, the American magazine Politico wrote that the attempts of the US authorities to isolate Russia from the international community are doomed to failure because of the position of other countries.

According to the Economist magazine for April, more than 60% of the world’s population lives in countries that are neutral and friendly to Russia. The magazine also reported that some US allies are rejecting Washington’s requests for sanctions against Moscow.

Source: RIA Novosti

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