Return to the national team of Egypt? .. Carlos Queiroz reveals the truth!

Portugal’s Carlos Queiroz, a former coach of the Egyptian national football team, said he had not received any offers to return to coach the Pharaohs, indicating that he had not yet received his dues in full.

Queiroz spoke to, saying: “The Egyptian Football Association has not presented me with an offer yet.”

“I don’t know anything about this,” the Portuguese coach confirmed.

Queiroz said: “I have not yet received all my contributions from the Football Association, despite the fact that three months ago I resigned from the Egyptian coaching team.”

The Portuguese coach left Egypt after failing to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final after losing to Senegal on penalties.

Queiroz led Egypt in 20 matches, winning 13, losing five and drawing twice.

The Portuguese coach with Egypt reached the final of the African Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021, where he also lost to Senegal on penalties.

As for Queiroz’s overdue contributions, his Egyptian assistant Roger de Sa confirmed that he has received only 15% of them so far.

Roger de Sa, in his statements to, also said: “This is the percentage I received in my bank account.”

He concluded jokingly, “I’ll wait for clarification from the bank regarding the rest.”

A source from the Egyptian Football Association previously spoke to, saying: “First of all, there are no overdue salaries for the ex-technical staff of the Egyptian national team. All the assistants received their entire salary, except for Carlos Queiroz, who had a month’s salary left.”

He added: “Currently, the Football Association pays qualifying bonuses for every role in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, not wages.”

And he continued: “A week ago, the Football Association spent the amount of the African Nations Round of 16 bounty for the Egyptians in the Queiroz device, and this is what arrived in Queiroz.”

And he continued: “During one of the negotiating sessions with Queiroz, the Portuguese stipulated that the amount of premiums for late payment would also be paid to foreign assistants in order to continue negotiations for a return as coach of the Egyptian national team.”

And he continued: “Indeed, the Football Association paid out the awards of the 16th round of African nations to helpers, whether they be Egyptians or foreigners, and the remaining stages of the tournament (quarter and semi-finals) remain.”

And he concluded by saying: “The Football Association has also promised to pay the rest of the bounty in stages over the coming period, starting from a week later, paying the quarter-final bounty.”

Hazem Emam, board member of the Egyptian Football Association, told On Time Sports 1: “There are several people on the list of candidates for the post of coach of the Egyptian national team.”

He added: “As far as what is being said about Carlos Queiroz, there is nothing to raise about finances or requirements.”

“We are also working on names other than Queiroz,” he added.


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