Filing a Complaint to the Attorney General Against Zamalek’s President Mortada Mansour in Egypt.

On Wednesday, a lawyer in Egypt filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against Mortada Mansour, accusing him of impersonating the president of the Zamalek football club after the decision to dismiss him, and demanded that he be banned from entering the headquarters of the White Club.

And the message numbered 49521 for 2023 said: “The Court of Cassation has ruled against Mortada Mansour to imprison him, and the sentence has become final and final. Considering that a final and final decision was made against him, which violates the conditions for his continuation as president of the Zamalek club, and a court decision was made to remove the whistleblower against him from the position of club president, and this decision was announced to the Minister of Youth and Sports and accordingly it was decided to remove him from the office of club president and arrange for the election of the president of the Zamalek club after he vacated the seat of the club president as soon as this decision was made.

And he continued: “Mortada Mansour disregarded the rulings of the judiciary and the decision of the Minister of Youth and Sports, and still visits the club daily, holds meetings and makes decisions, considering himself still the president of the club, who considers this act a criminal offense, since he issues himself as president of the Zamalek club, and that this position became vacant as soon as the decision of the judiciary was made.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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