FIFA Weighs Options to Satisfy Al Ahly Club

Today, Tuesday, the FIFA Council is preparing to approve the qualification criteria for the 2025 Club World Cup.

The International Federation of Football Associations has announced a new 32-team Club World Cup system every 4 years starting in 2025, subject to a host country being determined at a later date.

According to the British newspaper The Times, Chelsea from England and Real Madrid from Spain have guaranteed their presence in the tournament on the European continent after winning the last two European Champions Leagues.

The rules provide for the participation of 12 teams from Europe, 6 from South America, 4 clubs from Africa, Asia and North America, in addition to the place for the host country, and the place for the Oceania continent.

And if a rule is applied allowing the champions of the last 4 copies before the tournament to participate in the tournament, then the Egyptian club Al-Ahli will be able to reserve a place in the World Cup in its first edition in a new form. , as it was crowned with the 2021 edition.

Source: media

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