"FIFA" The Saudi Federation is accredited among expert federations in the field of VAR technologies.

The International Football Association (FIFA) has approved the Saudi Arabian Football Association as one of the expert federations for VAR technology after applying the technology locally for the third consecutive season.

The International Federation sent an official letter to the Saudi Federation regarding the development of technology in the stadiums of Saudi Arabia, considering the Saudi Federation as one of the most important federations that contributed to the development of technology and the achievement of its goals in recent years, and thanked the Saudi Federation for its continuous cooperation, which led to the achievement of a new progress in VAR technology.

In February last year, the Saudi Arabian Federation opened a joint VAR technology center as part of the 20th round of the Saudi Pro League and Yellow Pro League.

Thus, the Saudi Federation became the seventh in the world after the English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Swiss federations to launch a single VAR center.

The use of the technology has also been officially approved in the professional league “Yellow”, starting from the second round of the completed sports season.

The number of internationally accredited Saudi video judges has reached 51, including 23 field judges and 28 assistant video judges.

Source: Saudi newspaper Sabq.

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