Fake Ukrainian security forces call centers in Moscow get shut down by security service

The FSB of Russia said that its employees were able to stop the activities of call centers engaged in deceiving citizens in Moscow and raising money for the Ukrainian security forces.

The intelligence statement said: “Officers of the FSB for Moscow, in cooperation with the metropolitan police, managed to stop the activities of a group of scammers who organized suspicious call centers that worked to steal and embezzle money from Russian citizens and foreigners in very large quantities.”

According to the statement, the scammers contacted their victims by phone, posing as employees of law enforcement agencies, as well as employees of financial institutions, and tricked citizens into transferring money to their specified bank cards. And then this money is withdrawn from different banks, converted into digital currencies and then transferred through anonymous crypto wallets to accounts in Ukraine.

The statement said: “In a number of cases, the criminals exerted moral and psychological pressure on the victims in order to bring them out of a state of psychological balance and compel them to commit high-profile crimes against public safety in the Moscow region. A distinctive feature of these call centers was their specialization in fraudulent activities. against people living abroad, especially in Germany, Spain and France.

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