Exploring the Depth of The Little Mermaid: Discover the Omitted Song and Its Impact

The Little Mermaid: Exploring the Depth of a Beloved Fairytale

The live-action Disney remake, The Little Mermaid, is a captivating reimagination of one of the most beloved movies from the House of Mouse. This film not only revisits the cherished characters and story, but also adds a newfound depth to the fairytale that is truly unprecedented. Initially entering the movie with modest expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing dimensions brought to characters like Ariel and Prince Eric by Rob Marshall’s musical direction. Now, with the availability of the movie on Disney+ to stream, fans also have the chance to witness Javier Bardem’s memorable performance as King Triton, including his cut music number.

How To Watch ‘Impossible Child’ On Disney+

If you want to watch the delightful deleted scene titled “Impossible Child,” it is conveniently available on Disney+. Simply find the live-action The Little Mermaid on the streaming service and click on the tab labeled “Extras.” Underneath this tab, you will find a selection of bonus features related to the making of the movie. Look for the feature titled “Impossible Child (Outtake).” This three-minute clip showcases King Triton’s song as he expresses his fears and concerns for his absent daughter Ariel through heartfelt lyrics.

Why Was Javier Bardem’s The Little Mermaid Song Cut?

During an interview with CinemaBlend, director Rob Marshall revealed the reasoning behind their decision to record “Impossible Child” but ultimately exclude it from the final cut of the movie. Marshall explained that adding this song created a narrative conflict and disrupted the emotional impact of the ending. By delving into King Triton’s internal thoughts and feelings early on, the audience would have gained a deeper understanding of his character, but it would have diminished the sense of connection and resolution that comes at the climax of the film.

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My Honest Thoughts On ‘Impossible Child’

Prior to viewing the deleted scene, I was eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Javier Bardem’s omitted song. However, after watching it, I fully comprehend why it was left out of the final version. King Triton serves as a stoic and grounding presence in The Little Mermaid, countering the musical and fun elements of the story. His sudden inclusion in a musical number interrupts the flow and. Furthermore, there is a comedic aspect to seeing a merman sing and swim alongside the other characters that detracts from his intended role. Ultimately, I believe the filmmakers made a wise decision in cutting this song from the movie as it allows Triton’s acceptance of Ariel in the concluding scene to truly shine.

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